Mary "Dee" Jastrzemski

Professional Affiliations

  • Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Member of NAEA 
  • ERO with Internal Revenue Service

From Mary:

I worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 28 years in a variety of positions. I did office audits, telephone customer service assistance, taxpayer advocate, statute task force, identity theft cases, correspondence from taxpayers, adjustments to accounts, 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax preparation, and account issues. I also assisted taxpayers in face to face interviews to provide them whatever assistance they may have needed. Sometimes it was sympathy and consolation when they shared their life situation.  This gave me a wide scope of training and experience within the Internal Revenue Service. This is experience that I am sharing with my customers.

I can relate to people pretty well, I’ve worked in manufacturing companies, sold insurance, Mary Kay Cosmetics. Tupperware (twice), Sara Coventry Jewelry, Premier Jewelry, Home Interior, Avon and my favorite was Christmas Around the World. I sold enough Christmas decorations and products to win a free trip to Hawaii. That was a real thrill. I had the privilege of going to Washington DC and square dancing at President Jimmy Carter’s inauguration as well as providing the half time entertainment by square dancing at a Falcon’s Football game.

I attended Chattahoochee Technical College, Gainesville College, Florida State University (online).

I think that the most important experience I have is being the mother of four wonderful children and the surrogate mom of their spouses and the grandmother of 9 precious grandchildren. They call me Nana. In February 2018 I will become a great grand. Woo hoo! I’m looking forward to this.

After retiring from the IRS, I wanted to open a small tax office to assist people by sharing my knowledge and experience with them. I have found that many times when a person does not know how to deal with the IRS, they throw up their hands and do nothing. I try to help those people get back on track with the least amount of pain as possible. I enjoy working with people and I like preparing tax returns. I have chosen assistors for the office that share the same values as myself. They are kind, generous and knowledgeable . I believe the accounting background and return preparation background they have along with myself makes us a top of the line office.”